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Why Choose GPS Security Services



Training is vital to a team's success rate and value provided to our clients. we have a solid foundation of training our leadership is a established member of LAPD and can definitely provide a solid base to build a team of established security professional's.


Success is vital, when hiring a professional you want a team with statistics that show value. our team lowers crime rates within key zones of business and provides the customer service excellence that is important to keeping clients and customers happy.


Having the same vision is key. We at GPS Security would never actively allow a crime or concern take place. we protect our clients as if they were family and provide that same excellence of skill with our top tier clients and our new found members of security.


Dedication is very important on our team. we strive to have the best stature, observation skills, and educated with conflict resolution. Being dedicated to a team is very important our employees are just as valued as our customers, everybody on our team succeeds.


Growth is key with a business or company. GPS has developed and grown within the last 20 years of business and our team statistically has had a steady growth of 31% Annually allowing us to gather more clients and more guards almost monthly. - GPS Security

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