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GPS Life Scan Service

Welcome To your Future


GPS Security offers Lifescan to our guards at a reduced rate and now we are open to the public for Lifescan needs as well. The process as mentioned here is very simple a BCIA 8016 FORM is filled out by you our client. that will then be brought into the office where we the provider will assist you with digitizing your fingerprints for a small fee.. we then send those results to the DOJ (Department of justice) for verification and background check. Once cleared your results should be viewable online or via phone call to the support number of DOJ (916) 227-2300.

  1. Fill out this form linked (Here) This Is Your BCIA 8016 Form Needed For Life scan

  2. Call Our Office (424) 558-3690  Our Office Will Schedule Your Appointment ASAP

  3. Visit Us Here ​21039 S Figueroa St, Carson, CA 90745 

  4. Once We Scan You. Fees Are Paid The Process Will Begin, Should Take Only 72 Hours

  5. Your Results Will Be Processed Fast Inform Your New Hire That Your Processing...

LOOKING FOR WORK? View Our LOCATIONS and see if your a good fit for our team we are accepting applications now. 

How To Start Lifescan
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