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Security & Surveillance


Our Security Professionals are trained and skilled in providing a safe environment for our clients to work in it is only the start of our training services and what we have to offer as a security service to the community.

Observation and reporting is vital to every security guards performance as a standard we have our guards ready to provide our supervisors with notes and photos of any incidents and altercations occurring during service.


Customer service is necessary for a trained security professional our guards have a 5 year minimum requirement to build communication skills and provide A de-escalation service for those specific altercations where a simple request can not be responded with.

If necessary our team will remove the suspected people with proper use of force. any guard during a altercation can and will be able to provide clear details regarding the incident a detailed report of said incident. saving our clients some peace of mind and clarity on how we can avoid that issue or present a solution to the problem.

GPS Security is a team dedicated to protecting our clients and there valuables that is the goal and mission of our company and in all situations we can provide that and more with decisive action. - Contact us for more details

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